Amazing Race Asia

The Amazing Race has always been one of my favourite TV programmes, and today, they were advertising for participants for Amazing Race Asia! It would have been a great opportunity to travel and explore, but Wayne can’t take 40 days […]

Pinc updated!

PInc has been updated! Penns showed me pics of her U.S. trip the other day, and it looked like so much FUN! Never been to the states, i’ve always seen the USA as the big bad wolf, the so called […]

Are you being served?

While i was in Penang over the last weekend, me and my sister spent most of our time watching “Are you being served”, a 70s British Comedy which my dad just LOVES…so much so he bought the whole box set. […]

Cheezel Fingers

This is how i eat my Cheezels.

frm carls junior

?me and wayne at carls junior for a piggy lunch! hehehe

I Wish…

Happen to come across this site from a friend’s blog, and thought i’d give it a go. It’s a face recognition site, where you can find out which celebrity you look like most. Obviously it can’t be very accurate, coz […]

ripped off?

So tell me this is not ridiculous. Last week, Wayne took nan, noor, and me for indonesian food at Sanur Suntec City. First thing staff does it place a basket of keropok on our table, and asked us if we’d […]

I found my perfect match!

What kinda guy are u into??? created with ?I knew i found my perfect match! Wayne is a quiet sweetie and a good boy. And yes, he was a skater boy!


I had my last shoot for STB on monday, with an adorable girl, who was suppose to be my pretend daughter. I spent alot of time working, talking, drawing and coloring in the merlion with her. After the shoot, the […]

more shopping… this is baaadd…

Another post on shopping… but biking related. I now have a 1.5 litre camelbak, and got to use it on saturday and sunday. Unfortunately… i think its capacity is a teeny bit too small… 3/4 of the ride, i’m forced […]
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