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John Mayer Winter Tour DVD

And you wonder why I love this guy so much… A great artiste he is. But an AMAZING artiste is only as amazing as the team and fans behind him. Watch the beautifully shot video to see the result of […]

Cruisers and Fixies

I’ve been eyeing this bike online, and when I saw it at Nik & PLing’s house a few months back, I had to take it for a spin. 2 things that I love about cruisers: Coolness and Comfort factor. A […]

500 Days of Summers

I must watch this movie……….. *update I feel like watching it tonight… I want to know how it ends!?! *update 2 Damn, opening 8th October. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t. This post modern love story is […]

TV Slanket

I want one of these if I ever get my own place in a country with a cooler climate. Now here’s another genius invention from those ever-so-clever American johnnies that’s straight out of the why-didn’t-we-think-of-that file. The Slanket is, in […]

HK Diaries

It’s going to be hard to document everything I did in Hong Kong, so instead of a wordy post, I’ve decided to put together photo collages and write down the key highlights of each day. This series of blog posts […]

Unconditional love

I knew what was going to happen, and I tried my best to be emotionally prepare for this movie. In hindsight, I wish I brought some tissue instead of using my cardigan as a snort cloth. I blogged about the […]

Sun, Sand, Sea and Spaghetti

A week ago, I was told to keep my diary free on Saturday, because i had a date! OOooooooOoooo…. I got picked up around 11:30am, and was told to dress for the beach! When i got in the car, looked […]

Sunflowers for a “rainy” day

The card read: The best things in life always comes unexpected, just like when you came into my life 5 years ago. You are always my sunshine and I hope this brightens your day” love you lots, Tubs

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