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Watching Mr. West tonight

Wayne, Penns and I are catching Mr West tonight at the Indoor Stadium tonight, but I have fallen ill AGAIN! As much as I need to sleep, rest, recuperate, I can’t throw away S$148! So I heard the after party […]

ideas! ideas!

I need ideas! Halloween is just 5 days away and I have nothing!

Come on, come out already!!

So my sister is currently in labour, and i’m here to provide updates to friends and family who might read my blog. I’m in the waiting area because they don’t allow anyone else besides husbands in the room. There’s no […]

It’s almost certain…

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Am heading to the hospital now, will bring my laptop there and hopefully there’s internet connection at the waiting room.

Where’s Wayne?

He’s in KL at the moment, competing in the KLD Kuala Lumpur Downtown – Urban Downhill Race. Guest riders are WORLD FAMOUS Steve Peat and Cedric Garcia!!!!! OMG!!! I’m happy to update that Wayne has qualified for the finals, so […]

Stand up!

Hi everyone, I’d like to take a moment and talk about something really important. Last night, ONE (SINGAPORE) launched the countdown clock to end world poverty by 2015, and I’m really proud to be part of their campaign this year. […]

Huh Hump?

A friend emailed me this morning “Happy Hump Day”! Me, being the illiterate I am, had to check on Urban dictionary just to double check it wasn’t an inappropriate comment. Hump day Wednesday, the middle of a work week (Wednesday); […]

Redbull F1 Party

Angela is fashionably late again with the postings. We attended the Redbull F1 party held at Cafe Del Mar about 2 weeks back? It’s probably the busiest I’ve ever seen the place, all thanks to the great party that Daryl […]

Krankin @ Kent Ridge collective

Thought I’d share a fantastic video Karim put together for DirTraction. Karim is the videographer who painstakingly cuts and pastes clips together to form the best snippets of mountain biking in Singapore. You’ll spot him at almost every race hiding […]

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