[India] Polestar Primary School – part 2

The younger kids sat under the newly built awning outside, while the older students were downstairs in the dark rooms. It was only when the sun shone through the windows could they see their work clearly. Once the sun moved, they relied on candle light. Classes were separated by flimsy wooden partitions, which hardly soundproofed one class from another, but this didn’t bother them, just meant they had to talk louder than the class next door.

Classes outside under the awning built by the Singapore Scouts a few years back

Teaching the kids how to make windmills


Windmills here are associated with carnivals and are a treat for the kids. Now they can make them on their own.

Just giving a her a little help

Working in the dark

Leaf pressing activity

Jane shows how it’s done

While there is still sunlight in the classroom, they write speak and draw fervently. I’ve never seen kids so eager to learn before



Sun has moved, and the classroom gets dark. Couldn’t take the photo without a flash.

More origami.

Everyone watched on as they are taught something new.

Giving thanks


At the end of classes, and after their prayer of thanks, the kids were dismissed from school.

End of school

Dedicated teachers of Polestar English School

We sat down with teachers to de-brief them about the teaching materials given to them. We provided them with new notebooks and a school digital camera to document their progress throughout the year.


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