[India] Polestar English School – part 1

I haven’t finish the stories from Sikkim – India, so i’m going to backtrack a bit and continue where I left off.

From the last Sikkim post, I wrote about our upcoming trip to Polestar English School. We were told the story about how the school began, and it’s great to see how far they have come since then. They are currently housed on the ground and first floor of a rental building, donated to provide a place for the kids in the area to get an education. Most of the families sit below the poverty line and can’t afford to pay for school. So at Polestar, school is free.

There are currently 4-6 school teachers who have dedicated their careers to these 80 students from class 1-7, many earning half of what they could have earned from teaching schools in the city.

School sign

Welcomed with a khata scarf, often offered at weddings, funerals, festivals, when on pilgrimage, receiving guests or seeing people off on long journeys.

Preparing for the award ceremony with donated gifts from Kinokuniya Singapore.

Medals being laid out.

When we arrived, the kids were already assembled at the school entrance to welcome us, proud to show us around their humble school grounds. Today was their school prize giving day, and we were notified ahead of time this was going to happen. So we began our preparations for the ceremony at the dirt courtyard across the road. We brought over some stationery and books that were donated by Kinokuniya with us to give out as prizes.

Donated by Kinokuniya Singapore.


He loved his book so much, he refused to close it during the class photo session.


Reading Sesame Street.

“Mr Doctor” performance


Beautifully executed tribal dances by these girls from class 6 and 7.

Class photo

Individual photos.

Printing out their individual and class photos for them to take home.

School photo

Since we had the whole school together that day, we took this opportunity to take individual and class photos, which we printed on location for them to bring home.

Part 2 coming up …

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