[India] Morning walk to Pemayangtse Monastery

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The view from my bedroom window.

I woke up at before dawn to watch the sun rise and hit the peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga. I was told that it was worth the wait – just sit outside and watch the sun beams turn the the blue mountain gold.

Up before dawn. Ready to brave the morning cold. Carrying an extra wind breaker and camera in my backpack.

You can see from the reflection on the windows, the sun starting to rise from behind me.

Hotel garden with other guests who woke up to watch the show as well.

Colours starting to change

The first sun hitting the peaks of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Slowly she is revealed inch by inch in all her glory

Colleague caught me taking photos

Just when I’m about to walk away, she keeps flirting with me with new colours and angles.

I just couldn’t walk away!

Warmth spreads to the nearby village

Wish I could wake up to this view every morning!

It still being so early, and too early for our breakfast call with the rest of the group, I took this opportunity to venture out on my own.

The roads were heavily guarded as they were expecting the Dalai Lama to visit the following day. I walked up the hill towards the Pemayangtse Monastery, one of the oldest and premier monasteries of Sikkim.

Old & New. Connected in a disconnected place. Or perhaps more connected? Am I making sense?

Stupas on the lower grounds of the monastery

Prayer flags


Stupas also known as Chortens

Playing with light

Can’t remember who they belong to

This little fella followed mummy pup and I all the way down to the stupas/chorten.

Prayer flags



One of the monks I met on the way, he was taking a short cut down the hill. Love how his robe was such a contrast.

A bit camera shy, but still so friendly.

The monastery, located at an elevation of 2085 m, is built with scenic backdrop of snow capped mountains on two sides.ide building

Sun through the flags

This dog I was especially taken to. Was sitting alone, and he just walked up and sat beside me the whole time. Even when I walked out of the monastery down the hill, he followed me all the way till I nearly reached the hotel.

That dog above really made me miss Flicka. And in some weird way, I felt like the same presence and energy as if she was there.

Mummy and her puppies.


The front steps leading up to Pemayangtse Monastery


shadow play

Windows made beautiful with the sun spotlighting it’s detailed carving and craftsmanship.

The Monastery has withstood over centuries with the rigours of nature, including earthquakes. As a result the monastery has been damaged time and again which can be spotted in the interiors, especially in the first floor. tone

I really felt a sense of calm and peace there. If I didn’t need to go back to meet the group, I would have loved to spend more time there.


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