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Last week’s tweets: 2011-07-31

Finally made it to cocotte! Waiting for birthday girl @d4nl1 to arrive @ Cocotte At Wanderlust # Yesterday I lost all my iPhone photos. Today my HD with ALL my photos has bad sectors and might lose it all. […]

Royal Bloodline!

Clan Stuart or Stewart When i went to Scotland a few years back, we did a bit of research on our family tartan colours. My great great grandfather was a scotsman from the Royal Stewarts Clan, so I did a […]

[India] Day 5 – Banjar to Jalori Pass

After a good nights rest, we packed up our bags and loaded the car for another long day of driving. It was only in daylight were we able to see where we stopped for the night. Apple orchards surrounded us, […]


One for my mummy. Because I know she blog stalks sometimes 为什么要对你掉眼泪?你难道不明白为了爱? 只有那有情人,眼泪最珍贵, 一颗颗眼泪都是爱,都是爱! 为什么要对你掉眼泪?你难道不明白为了爱? 要不是有情郎,跟我要分开, 我眼泪不会掉下来,掉下来。 好春才来,春花正开,你怎舍得说再会? 我在深闺望穿秋水,你不要忘了我情深深如海。 为什么要对你掉眼泪?你难道不明白为了爱? 要不是有情郎,跟我要分开, 我眼泪不会掉下来,掉下来。 我眼泪不会掉下来,掉下来。

Last week’s tweets: 2011-07-24

Moolet gathering! (@ Ben & Jerry's (Unilever)) [pic]: # PNamed my sundae "Bug-a-Moo" #benjerry_sg base flavour #benjerryflavour # New flavour! You get to name it and stand a chance to win $300 worth of ice @ Unilever (Mapletree […]

Last week’s tweets: 2011-07-17

Found it mildly amusing that there is a person called Zhang Songbo in Singapore. Song Bo? # Also found it amusing, listening to German love songs on internet radio sounds like melodic throat hacking and ka pui-ing. # #nowplaying – […]

[India] Day 4 – Random guest house in Banjar

Because of the Rohtang Pass closure, we had to do a BIG detour to get to Spiti Valley. From Palchan, we were on the road for HOURS! Hoping to cover as much ground as possible. When we finally decided to […]

Last week’s tweets: 2011-07-10

102 points on Words with Friends for "Zings"! Come on….. dammit >:( # Only ones in TAB at the moment. All sofa seats for tonight fully booked #  We love our ginger  @ Sakae Sushi # Was […]

Last week’s tweets: 2011-07-03

Bak Kut Teh Colombian style  # I love marmite on toast! # I actually really enjoy listening to classical or instrumental soundtracks from movies. # Ok. Just had a g33k moment. Got goosebumps, arm hair standing listening […]

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