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Last week’s tweets: 2011-06-26

I'm at Singapore Polo Club (80 Mount Pleasant Road, next to Old Police Academy, Singapore) # I'm at Singapore Association For The Deaf w/ @michaelruggles # Argghhhhhhh. Can u just put ur foot gently on the accelerator? Not […]

[India] Day 4 – Paragliding

So what’s the fastest way down a mountain? We had to do a U-turn and head back towards Manali because of the road closure at the Rohtang Pass. Very very annoying, but you know what? If we didn’t do the […]

[India] Day 4 – Rohtang Pass

We left Solang Valley on a high from the Zorbing adrenalin rush, but that was quickly dampened by the news that they were not letting anyone pass the gates into the Rohtang pass. Midway up the mountain was a guard […]

[India] Day 4 – It’s everywhere!

When we were driving into Manali, Tobs was pointing out some weeds to Roh growing on the side of the road and in the fields. “It’s EVERYWHERE!” I didn’t get what the excitement was all about. Tobs was trying to […]

Last week’s tweets: 2011-06-19

Someone doesn't want to get out of bed! # En route – Thomson. # #nowplaying Hot 89.9 Ottawa's #1 hit music station. # If I could time machine back to a particular day right now…. # At […]

[India] The story behing unfinished rooftops

I wondered why there were so many unfinished rooftops and walls in India? We drove by tons of houses with foundation wire rods sticking out of their roofs, as if they built the first floor and decided to stop at […]

[India] Day 4 – Solang Nala (Valley)

Another reason why we were in Manali was also to get information about the situation on the Rohtang Pass. On the night we arrived in Manali, there were alot of 4WD cars parked in Manali town hearing that the pass […]

[India] Day 3 – Light trekking in Manali

Last night we saw a path at the end of the restaurant strip worth exploring, and since we still had a few hours of daylight left after our late lunch, we decided to do a bit of exploring. We walked […]

[India] Day 3 – Momos

Had my first momos after rafting. We went back to the same restaurant by our guest house because we needed to get out of our wet clothes. Momos are like steamed dumplings, jiaozis or potstickers usually found in the Nepali […]

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