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Down memory lane

De-cluttering. It’s always hard when you go through the memory boxes. Old emotions resurfaces, shards of memories pieced together. Why DO we submit ourselves to such torture? I guess it’s a reminder of the good and bad times, the achievements […]

Pete Murray – Opportunity

Opportunity And so it goes another lonely day Your savin time but your miles away Your fly was drownin in some bitter tea For seeing lost opportunity Find your mirror go and look inside And see the talent you always […]

Tortured Soul – Don’t Hold Me Down

One of my all time favourite live acts is New York band/trio Tortured Soul, comprised of band members Ethan White (Keys, Backing Vocals), John-Christian Urich (Drums, Lead Vocals) and Jason Kriveloff aka JKriv (Bass, Backing Vocals). Heard them a few […]

20 out of 28 years

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest and oldest friend Danli! (Pic of our set of keys: can you tell we’re friends? Just realised, on each key chain there’s something from you, something from me, and something we got together […]

SilverFox turns 32

A picture post of SF’s birthday. Chris’ birthday started off with all of us hiding in the en suite bathroom to surprise him.  Check out the classic expression on his face in the photos below! After recovering from the shock, […]

Wednesday Sake Girls

Night started off with us coming togeher at Michelle’s place for a Prata party before heading down to Zouk for Ladies night and Mambo. Sadface we lost one Sake girl to the UK, but gained one back from Dubai. It’s […]

Chilli Basil Prawn Pasta

From source to plate. First, we rampaged my mum’s fresh herbs in the back garden and pinched off some basil. Making sure I carefully pluck some prettier ones for plating. Then we headed down to Sin Min to the Hai […]

S$50 Bali Tickets

It took me 0.02 seconds to say yes when Danli called me to ask if I wanted to go to Bali on Air Asia’s S$50 special. So fresh off the boat from India and I’m off to Bali this weekend […]

पांच शानदार

To my travel and life experience cronies, You remind me a little each time to live. And that one can live with very little. What’s material means nothing, it’s what’s intangible that counts. Our collective spirit brings us closer. And […]

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