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The Magic of Chong Qing Hot Pot

I keep calling it Ching Chong instead of Chong Qing! Only realised today the restaurant’s full name is “The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot”. Don’t diss the name, the food is actually pretty good. Possibly the most well-known hot pot […]

adidas watches – Seoul Collection

An agency contacted me on a bloggers contest for adidas watches recently, and the brief was to showcase the chosen watch in a stylish & creative photo. First of all, I love it when agencies do their research targeting the […]


想跟我吵架 我没那么无聊 不懂得道歉 我没那么聪明 好想要回到我们的原点 你又在哭泣 我给不了安慰 我又在摇头 有那么点后悔 爱情的发展已难以回头却无法往前走 但身不由己出现在胸口 两颗心能塞几个问号 爱让我们流多少眼泪 你的眼神充满美丽带走我的心跳 你的温柔如此靠近带走我的心跳 逆转时光到一开始 能不能给一秒 等着哪一天你也想起 那悬在记忆中的美好 Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) [soundcloud url=””]

Wedding of 2009

Best wedding of 2009 has to be the beautiful union of Brian Wey and Diana Lie. Throughout the wedding planning process, I would hear details from Dru. At times he took a more active role in the planning such as […]

Are you my Smellmate?

Last week while clearing my office drawer, realised I had 3 shawls. Deciding to take two home, I took a sniff so I could keep the freshest one. Hmmm strange, I took second sniff… and a third. It smelt like […]

Atrocious service

I wrote this post last year, and was kept in drafts. Now that I’m clearing them… I can’t remember which restaurant had made such a bad impression on me. Can anyone help narrow it down? OH SNAP! I remember now! […]

Redbull Art of Can

Another reason why I sometimes feel like I AM the Redbull brand. Not only do they support sports like Mountain Biking, they also dabble in music and now art! The Red Bull Art of Can is a nationwide hunt for […]

Happy un-birthday to you

Kimmy’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed birthday was a complete and utter success and the best theme party of the year! The H.O.T. party comes a close second. First, invitations. It took me a whole weekend of messing around on photoshop […]

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