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Back on the saddle

Feels good to be cycling again… Time to train up for the PCC ride in 2 weeks. Lizard count is back too…

Happy Birthday D4nli

To my best friend of 20 years, Your Birthday is a special day, meant for you to do all of the things you enjoy doing. Hope you had as much fun as I did at the Rose Veranda. With hugs […]

Homemade Tacos… sort of

I say sort of, because really, there isn’t much work to be done. Go to the supermarket, buy the Taco sauce, Taco shells, Taco seasoning (optional), Lettuce, Tomatoes, mince beef/chicken, Avocado, Cheese. The only cooking you have to do is […]

PInc Birthday

It’s a late post, but we’ve already celebrated her birthday last week. Love you Penns. Always. No matter what. Happy Birthday!


I remember how upset I was when he cancelled his concert in Singapore a few years back. Haven’t listened to his music for awhile now, but today while browsing through YouTube, I was reminded why I loved him. It was […]

Cova Pasticceria

My coffee craving one saturday afternoon led me to a new cafe in Paragon called Cova. The “V” in the logo wasn’t distinct, so for a good 10mins (until I verified it with the waitress), I thought the place was […]

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