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Yet another beautiful morning

Just clearing some work before I enjoy the rest of the day. I wish it could be like this always, I wake up to a 20 degree morning, take a hot shower, brew myself a hot merchant coffee latte, have […]

Wedding bliss

Attended Randall and Melody’s wedding dinner at the Shang on Saturday night. It was beautiful, THEY are beautiful. And best of all… there was no sharks fin soup! Well done you two! Wishing you all the best for the future, […]

Day 3 – errands errands errands

I love how this duvet cover feels on my skin… something about it, maybe the thread count? Or fabric softener? It’s soooo soft I could wrap myself around it for the whole day. But of course, I couldn’t do that, […]

I spoke too soon

Just when I posted about a good start, the shits of the shits happened. So here’s what happened. My car battery was dead, and my dad told me he bought a jump start kit. Ok. So i took it out […]

Wasted a whole day today

Woke up at 7:20am in the morning in a bit of a shock, I forgot where I was and was shocked to wake up in an unfamiliar bedroom. Got changed into my running gear, and decided to go for a […]

Off to a good start

I arrived to see two familiar faces, Jon and naree at the arrival hall. What a rush….to be back at my second home, great weather and to be here in time for one of my best friend’s birthday. After i […]


I couldn’t blog yesterday because I didn’t have internet connection. Yesterday morning, I was on a flight to Perth Australia. Since I was at Changi early, I decided to take the sky train over to T3. Don’t know what the […]

Flower Power

My parents came back from LiJiang today, and guess what my mum decided to bring home? Flowers!! S$35 worth of flowers wholesale. ALL THIS FOR JUST S$35!! Amazinn…

Adidas Sundown Marathon

With all the hype surrounding the F1 night race coming up, here’s a novel idea for you running buffs, a night marathon! The Adidas Sundown Marathon will be held at the end of May. Race Details Date: 31st May 2008 […]


I’ve been blogging since 2001, but after the crash of my old website, I went on a hiatus for a year. I remember doing a poll like this awhile back, and I’d like to do it again on this new […]

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