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Packing…is such a chore

Ok… this is not the fun part. It;s 1:35am and me thinks i packed too much. OMG i still have to wake up early for work!!!

Countdown BEGINS!

Ok, it’s a bit late for the countdown, but i just had no time to post it up. My colleagues are sick of seeing me dance around the office, so i had to express myself somewhere else. Different medium…. as […]

Quote of the Day

Today’s quote of the day, courtesy of a colleague of mine. “empty vessels make the most noise!”


Since wayne was away in Hanoi over the weekend for his DnD, i managed to spend some time revamping the blog. But then i got distracted… so i apologise for the tacky finish. Will clean it up soon. But what […]

Tyson the skateboarding Bulldog

I’ve watched his home video before… but check this out, he has his own website now! Janice just sent me the link and i’m so impressed at how good he has become. He skates better than i could!! Check him […]


It’s one of those days again….. where words like EGAD!, HmPh!, *facepalm*, Ggrrrr, ARrGH, OMG, Bloody Hell, AhHHhhh… is written on my messenger textbox frequently throughout the day. I just needed a rant relief…

Bodyshop founder Dame Anita Roddick dies aged 64

Founder of ethical cosmetics firm Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick, has died at the age of 64. Her family said in a statement she suffered “a major brain haemorrhage” at 1830 BST at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex. […]

Buns to my buns!

We’ve got celebrity buns at Maxwell Food Centre… Brad Bread Pitt buns! Since last tuesday, i’ve been buying my breakfast from this store. The buns are incredibly light and fluffy, so it’s pretty easy to scoff down two at a […]

Miniature Earth

Rohit sent me this link in an email recently, although a bit long, it definately puts things in perspective. Click Here

Death to the paper towel…

This is quite sad. Last week, it was so cold in the office i had to resort to something really silly. I already had my sports jacket on, socks on my feet, and a shawl around my knees, and i […]

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