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DirT Princess

I may not be a Queen of the hill in Penang Jamboree, or Bukit Queen…but Princess can? Check out this “Garang” picture taken by Rohan during last sunday’s race. Love my Adidas top as well, it was padded, so no […]

Office Funnies

We had a company shoot just now, and someone has bad breath. Could be the photographer or a fellow colleague. Angela (安琪儿) says: You’re making me all paranoid now, maybe its me! Luckily i have toothbrush and toothpaste Janice says: […]

Denise’s last day

It’s always sad to see an intern leave, especially when they are nothing but the best interns you could ever have. Denise has been helping us out with a project, and we’re sad to see her leave. Look at the […]

Bike Porn

My stickers are finally done! Which means… my BIKE is finally done!I waited sooooooooo long for sticker guy XX to get it done, i eventually went back to Johnny. I went to sticker guy XX because he gave me the […]

Shiva in da haus!

Our colleagues from ICON Sydney was here for a work trip, and today was unfortunately his last day here in Singapore. He gave us a short brief of the sydney office, and we had a quiz on Australia after. Check […]

on wait list

Full flight to heathrow, hoping a seat opens up. For now… She sulks. Poor thing… *UPDATE 10:42pm* The Eagle has left the nest

Battle@Bukit Timah

Pretty proud of this one, given the time frame, i reckon it’s not too shabby. Race is this Sunday at the Bukit Timah Mountain Biking trail, please be advised that the trail will be closed from 5am onwards. Click on […]


I wonder what my sneeze sounds like to other people. To me it sounds really congested, but just like your voice, you can’t exactly know unless you hear a recording of it.

Happy Farters Day…to our favourite Farter!

It’s an old joke, this “Farters Day” thing, my dad thought it was funny, and so did we….about 15 years ago?! Sunday dinner at My Secret Garden. We were served by a lovely gentleman called Ronnie, who made sure we […]


The office is getting wired as I type, but that’s not what I wanted to blog about. It’s about my nose and low tolerance to smells. I know this may come across mean, but I think it’s a questionable topic.

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