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We need a pottie system

Low maintenance self-watering plant pots. The Wet Pot Systems does not rely on complicated mechanical parts but instead uses the laws of nature. The supply of water is regulated by the unique, natural characteristics of clay for water absorption, which […]

Sleeping beauty

Just got home, its 12:16am and i’m spent. Had a long day at work today, and it didn’t stop when i was at Wayne’s. Sat at the dinning table and worked till about 11pm when i surrendered to it all… […]

2 dozen white roses

A bunch of flowers were delivered to my office at around lunch time today. Everybody asked “what’s the reason?” “Is it your birthday?” “What’s the occasion” well…. there isn’t one! Just a note attached to the bouquet, “Thinking of You!”

Mother of all IKEAS

A few weeks ago, Wayne and i took a trip to (what felt like malaysia) the new IKEA at Tampines. It IS pretty far if you’re coming from the west sieeeedd! (i think only jake fans get that) hyuk hyuk […]

Where is rider 166?

I must say, i’m a lil dissapointed i didn’t see my name on the finishers list. I clearly finished the race with 4 stickers, and i’m damn proud of that achievement. I know i checked in when i arrive, so […]

CNY Reunion Dinner 2007

This year we didn’t go back to Penang for Chinese New Year, my grandma passed away last year, so its customary that we don’t even receive Hong Baos from my parents. But we still had a reunion dinner here in […]


Just a random message in my inbox. I sent out a mass email just now, and i got this mailer.daemon reply. This is the mail delivery agent at I was not able to deliver your message to the following […]

Peach blossoms

The saturday before Chinese New Year, mumsy gave us some craft work to do. We were glue gunning fake peach blossom flowers on a REAL tree. Funny you might think… but look at the results! It looks like a real […]


Came into work this morning, set down my bags and laptop, looked up and WHOAH!!!! MY TULIPS HAVE BLOOMED! Just a few days out of the office, and the bulbs of yellow where there to greet me on a sleepy […]

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