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Mountain Biking – 24 September

Biking on Sunday was really relaxed, we took our time, chit chatted midway, spent time actually taking notice of our surroundings. By the time we got back to the carpark, our legs just refused to work anymore. They’ve been punished […]

Fun with photobooth

Tried out my imac photobooth the other day, and i can’t believe i’m so easily amused… Sadly, i find all this terribly amusing. Geek i am. Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha…. Nosey…now i look more like my dad!!

23 September 2006 – MTB Ride

There were 3 things that made our mountain biking ride today really enjoyable. 1. We finally got the helmut camera working, and captured some fantastic footage of the trail, fauna and downhills. Unfortunately batteries ran out before the boys headed […]


Was quite a while ago we went on the mini-epic, shame on me for updating so late. Better late than never. Enjoy. Rifle Range – BT – Echo Valley – Gangsa – Scorpion – Track 15 – Mandai – Ulu […]

Meme from ickle

If you’re bored…here’s a Meme, which i know you’ll find nothing remotely interesting at all.

The SeptFest Triology

Helping Arabelle here with some viral marketing. David Singapore has been working on a Viral Campaign for The Substation’s annual arts festival called SeptFest, so check out the videos below, and prepared to be ‘shocked’ at at least one of […]

Taking Flight

Kevin, my brother-in-law, quit his job in advertising to pursue his dream, flying. Sound easy? not at all…Flight school in the day, studies at night. This is long overdue, but Kevin, congratulations on your solo flight!

Creativity: What’s the big idea?

Anthony is the fantastic guy sitting next to me in the office (AVaLooo!) and he comes up with fantastic ideas for events. So when he wrote this candid article on creativity, (which i had the honour of “copywritting”), i just […]

How much does a dream weigh…

Everyone, meet our new frame…. new frame, meet everyone! I love the litespeed catalogue and their corny headliners for each bike. The 2006 Pisgah is a no-nonsense, race-born, race-proven, kick-ass, bring-it-on, hardcore, hardtail. And, it only weighs 3.5lbs! And here’s […]

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