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Stuck in the office

Me and Penns are stuck at our desks with our ears stuck to the phone for the past half an hour, trying to get a cab. I can sing the tune on call waiting by heart….*toodie too too toooo….*

Live from the ishop

Wayne and me are in ishop cineleisure having an hour lesson on how to use a mac!?! dang this ibook rocks. Wayne is enjoying himself… i see a mac convert!?! AHHAhaha

August 12 – Mountain Biking

Bukit Timah – Gangsa – Track 15 – Zheng Hua – Bukit Timah Duration:1 hr 38 min 49 s Distance: 17.2km Calories: 976 kcal Avg Speed: 13.5km/h Max Speed: 38.3km/h

August 8 – Mountain Biking

Duration:1 hr 25 min 47 s Distance: 11.3km Calories: 816 kcal Avg Speed: 12.1km/h Max Speed: 34.4km/h Although i was tired, i thought i’d try to time myself for a BT lap. Duration:00 hr 35 min 00 s Distance: 5.9km […]

Give me the holidays already…

Just had lunch with Penns on the balcony, and i’m falling asleep at my desk. Please let the day go by quick quick quick…i just want to tuck myself under the duvet and ShLEeep! p.s. 3 years 2 months Bubs!

Andrew L

I left Andrew a copy of things to send MPA to renew his PPCDL (Boat License)…It’s funny how he picks up things like this… but then again, he’s Andrew Lok! Andrew Lok says: according to the letter you left me. […]


Got this in my email at lunch…and I almost burst out laughing!?! Thanks Spencer! TGIF! TGIF!


A Nifty invention from Lion Quality Eggs. Eggs come stamped with with a thermochromic logo made from invisible ink, which becomes visable when the egg is cooked.The logos will be adapted so they appear at the right time for soft, […]

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