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Phuket – Day 1

It’s about time i blogged about my little getaway. I finally got paid for the STB Ads, and decided to splurge on Wayne’s birthday present this year. So 2 weeks ago, i took him to Phuket, Thailand. Tiger Airways offered […]

Phone Meme

Well… since everyone is doing one. Why not… 01) What is the phone brand? Nokia 7370 02) What are the last 3 digits of your mobile number? 800 03) What does the 2nd message in your inbox say? call you […]

Cat trap

*Update* After all that civet attack drama., my mum rented a cat trap from the AVA the next day and placed it in the garden. She still insists we carry a stick on the way out the door.

Happy Burfday!

I know, late late entry… i just didn’t have the time to upload photographs into the gallery until this evening! Mid may, i surprised Wayne with a MacDonalds “Kids” Birthday party held at United Square. He was blind-folded throughout the […]

Starhub Digital

Was waiting for at least one picture to be released before i blogged, just in case i wasn’t suppose to. Had this shoot for Starhub Digital last month all thanks to Danli, who so kindly sent in my photos for […]

Screaming legs and lungs!

I think i’ve realised my threshold, 4 days of mountain biking and i’m spent! Janice had a day off on monday and wanted some company on her BT ride. Well since we’re neighbours now, it was super convenient to meet […]

Warning to you all!

When I left the house yesterday evening, I was a bit apprehensive leaving my mum at home, alone. I just had a funny feeling something was going to happen. As I turned the lock of the main door, I was […]

Uberfun Ubin

And there i was thinking it wasn’t going to be much fun… I was soooo wrong! AGAIN…AGAIN! *photograph has not been digitally modified


(i’m so geek, i added the jingle to the playlist on the right) now all together now “Money money money MONnney….MONEY!” I felt like $30,000 last thursday…well because i was sparkling in $30,000 worth of clothes, timepiece and jewellery. I […]

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